About Brad….

This is a site to share beauty.   “Beauty creates Beauty” is my company’s motto.  It is something I believe in deeply.  Beauty comes to us in many forms – and in my profession, largely as beautiful things.  Beauty shows itself as a colour, as a smile, an act of graciousness and many other ways.   I firmly believe that when you surround yourself with Beauty, beauty comes to you.  We all know that a smile begets a smile.  I subsribe to the theory that when you surround yourself with beautiful things, then beautiful things come to you. This has been true for me in my life in some very big ways.  I have seen this effect on others who also enjoy profound rewards as well.

Legendary Barbara Barry once told me; “even when having tea, when you serve in good china and with a finely pressed linen napkin, this will elevate something simple to a beautiful moment in your day. Even such a simple touch to a simple event creates Beauty.”  I have found this to be true in my life and my work in fine hospitality environments, in luxury residences and of course with Interior Design. 

Kindness, Graciousness, Sharing, Humourous, Responsible, Artful, Giving to others, well… you get my point.  As I see it; the art of being a gentleman, the art of providing beauty for others, the art of fine design, and the fine art of being a human being. 

My hope is this site will offer this to you.


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  1. Wonderful

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