A man calls home.  The maid answers the phone, “Hello?”.   He says; “lemme talk to my wife”.  The maid says; “Um,  Um well, I can’t – she is upstairs in bed with the mailman!”    He says; “Again?? That’s it – I’ve had it.  Go in the hallway, and get the gun from the chest and go upstairs and shoot them both dead in the back.”

The maid says; “I can’t do that!!  It’s murder!”   He says; “I am a lawyer, I’ll get you off,,  Do what I say!”   So the maid puts down the phone.  She goes to the foyer and gets the gun.  She is shaking and goes upstairs, swings open the door, and BANG! ,,  BANG!! ,  She shoots them both dead.   She is freaking out.  She goes back down stairs, and picks up the phone.  She says; “Now what?”  He says; “Take the bodies. Drag them down the stairs, and take them out back, and throw them in the pool.”

She says “…What pool?”      He says; “…. is this   555-922-5495 ?????”